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Articles submission ONLINE

The requirements to the scientific materials:

Recommendations for authors

The draft abstracts submissions is one-page TNR 12  (300 -500words).
The abstract must include
Problem Statement, Purpose, Methods, Results, Discusion,  Conclusions and References

Full text paper

- Full Text submissions is up to 4 to 6 pages will be written in MS Word 2003, A4 borderless 2.5,
- Full text will be sent in English

- Title 12 TNR, centered 10 TNR authors and institutional affiliation, centered, bold
- Abstract 10 TNR left-right
- Keywords 3 to 5 TNR 10 bold
- Introduction, Methods, Results, Discussion, Conclusions and References TNR 10
- Bibliography Your references should be written according to the APA Style. Please omit the reference which is not used in your paper.
- Charts, tables, figures, centered and numbered

Review process
The Scientific Committee select the best manuscripts to be published. The scientific staff require that all the manuscripts sent to be published must be evaluated by 2 independent reviewers  in anonymous form
The decision regarding the received manuscripts are the following:
-      The ab initio rejection, without the manuscripts being forwarded to the lectors (in the case of severe faults of writing/content, thematic)
-       Accepting the manuscript without modifications;
-       Basically accepting the manuscript, with minor modifications;
-       Accepting the manuscript, but with major modifications.
The decision will be communicated to the respective author in a strictly anonymous form. During the peer-review process, the lectors will evaluate elements from the Evaluation Protocol table, one which makes direct reference to having published a manuscript considered an original article.

All papers accepted will be published in the PESH CONFERENCE PROCEEDINGS 2017,
Each first author will receive a hard copy volume on arrival from the conference office

For oral presentation the authors will prepare no more than 10-15 slides ( maximum time presentation 15 minute)


( maximum time presentation 5 minute)
Poster format

Format A0 -  standard format
Dimensions (mm) Dimensions(inch)
A0           841 x 1189 mm     33.13" x 46.84"


2.Powerpoint OR Powerpoint Scientific Research Poster Templates
the authors will prepare no more than 1 - 5 slides)
( maximum time presentation  - 5 minute)