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Welcome letter



Dear participants,

The International Scientific Conference “Physical Education, Sport and Health” will be held this year, on 23rd - 24th November 2017, in Pitesti, Romania. The international scientific manifestation is organized by the Physical Education and Sport Department and Research Center for Human Performance,  University of Pitesti, ROMANIA
We are honored by your participation in the 10th edition of the International Conference which promotes Physical education, Sport and Health as parts of the formative direction of modern society based on unity, evolution, efficiency and innovation. These features assure the effective training and the development of the individual in the social macro-system.
The scientific event aims to be a platform for the dissemination of research results in the field of sport science without borders, a platform for discussion and an opportunity for mutual knowledge of working in scientific research. That is why we are proud to organize the international scientific manifestation, 10th edition. We also take pride in our traditional partners: Science, Human Excellence and University Sport Association, The Romanian Council of Sports Science, National Research, Sport Research Institute. Colleagues from aboad,  have expressed their intention to take part in this scientific event.
We are looking forward to your presence and wish you a pleasant stay in our city.
The Physical Education and Sport Department staff wish you good luck with your presentations!

President of Conference
Mihailescu Liliana,